Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School

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Support for Ukraine

As we have seen from the news the situation in Ukraine is deteriorating and we are all concerned about the impact of this war on families, children and their parents. I know at times like this we can feel powerless in our ability to respond and it is difficult to know how to support our own children as they

witness things no child should have to experience or witness.

Tomorrow, begins our Lenten journey – Pope Francis has asked that we make Ash Wednesday,  a day of solidarity for the people affected by war and conflict. He has called for a Day of Fasting and Peace and asked us to pray for the intercession of Our Lady, the “Queen of Peace to preserve the world from the madness of war.”

We would also like to organise a collection of goods to send to the Ukraine via the Polish centre in Southampton and are looking to collect:

  • Nappies
  • Sanitary products
  • Socks – for children, men or women
  • Underwear
  • Soap and shower gel
  • Toothpaste and tooth brushes

Donations can be sent to the school office by Monday 14th March when we will deliver them.


Please do find time to pray for peace tomorrow – perhaps as a family saying the CAFOD prayer, as you eat together.