Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School

“We live our lives like Jesus”


Maths Subject Leader;  Mrs C Packer

Recent Events: 

A small group of year 5 children went to Portsmouth Grammar School to take part in Mathematics Challenge. They worked incredibly hard to solve some really tricky problems. 


Autumn Term: 


The early years chidlren were exploring maths through play. Some children were creating towers and counting how many bricks were in their tower they also compared the towers and looked to see who had used the most bricks.  Another child was able to count along and telling me one more/one less than a given number using the numer blocks display. The children love number blocks and this display. 
Other children were making cups of tea for the Tiger and discussing capacity using the language full, empty, half full, nearly full.







Year 1
Place value
The children have been exploring the language greater than and less than. They have been comparing numbers using the mathematical symbols < >. 



Year 2
Place value
The children have been using their number knowledge to show the value of different numbers using concrete resources.


Year 3
Year 3 have been working on their addition skills using base ten. 


Year 4  

The children have been working on their addition skills using column method. They have been using place value counters to support their learning.




Year 6

Year 6 have had a introduction to algebra. They have investigated different problems to understand what they mean and how to work them out. Here is an example of one of the problems they were given. 



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