Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School

“We live our lives like Jesus”

KS1 (Yrs 1+2)

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       Mrs M. Martinez             Mrs L. Cain              Mr L. Clark

                                                            (Phase Leader)

         Miss E. Cunningham      Miss E. Elsom

           (Trainee teacher)                      (Trainee Teacher)


Mrs E Devine - HLTA

Mrs A Hill - 1-1 Support

Miss G Amparo - 1-1 Support




Welcome to Year 1.2.


We love reading! We use Read, Write Inc to support our teaching of phonics and reading and our children are taught in small targeted groups each day. We assess children each half term so as we are always confident that their phonics learning meets their needs. Every child takes home a Read, Write Inc reading book each week to show off their wonderful reading skills, that they have worked so hard on all week, at home. 

We follow the Read, Write Inc 'Get Writing' scheme which directly links our phonics learning to our writing, ensuring that children apply and embed their phonics. Children have a daily phonics lesson where by we red together and link this to our writing. 


In RE this half term we will be learning about Mission, Creation and Other Faiths.

During our creation liturgical unit, we will be reading the scripture from Genesis and exploring what God created each day. We will sequence images and write thank you cards to God explaining what we are most thankful for. We will also learn about harvest.



In maths, year 1 and year 2 are working hard on these key areas: place value, addition, subtraction.

Year 1 are securing their number facts using numbers up to 20. They are securing their recall of one more/one less, number bonds, and doubles and halves. They will use concrete resources to undertake addition and subtraction up to 20.

Year 2 will focus on numbers up to 50. We will be counting, writing numbers in numerals, comparing and ordering numbers. We will extend number bonds up to 20 as well as securing counting in 10s to add, doubling and halving.


In science, we will be learning about weather and the seasons. We will explore how the seasons change and what clothes are needed for each season and why. Children will become weather reporters making their own reports using scientific language and weather symbols. 

Our geography is also centred on seasons and we will be asking and answering the question; is my park the same all year round? We will be having a field trip to our local park each term this year to observe and compare changes and the year progresses.


In computing we will be learning about programming. We will play games giving instructions to each other to find a goal/treasure. Once we have explored instructions (algorithms) will will use programmable robots, setting instructions to follow a course to an end point. We will use positional and direction vocabulary.







Important information


Change of books: all books will be changed on a Friday. Please ensure all reading books are in school on this day.

Please keep your child's zippy wallet and reading book in their book bag.


Spellings: spelling lists are sent home every Friday. These words directly link to your child's RWI phonics learning/group.

Please practise to read and write these words everyday.

Spelling tests will be on a Friday also.


Library Days:

All classes will bring a library book home on a Friday. Please return library books on a Friday so as books can be swapped.


PE days:

Our PE days will be: Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday )lessons will rotate across the classes). Please ensure that PE kits remain in school.