Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School

“We live our lives like Jesus”

KS1 (Yrs 1+2)


Bumblebees              Ladybirds

Year 1                      Year 1

             Mrs A. Miles                          Mrs S. Redding  


Dragonflies         Badgers            Hedgehogs

      Year 1            Year 2                Year 2

    Mrs M. Martinez          Miss E. Elsom                  Mrs L. Cain                                                                              and Mrs T. Thiba


              Mrs L. Cain Year 1 and 2 Phase Leader / Lead Practitioner


Mrs E Devine - HLTA

Mrs M Zammitt - HLTA

Mrs C. Clarke - 1-1 Support

Mrs R. Sayin - 1 - 1 Support




Welcome to Year 1.2.


We love reading! We use Read, Write Inc to support our teaching of phonics and reading and our children are taught in small targeted groups each day. We assess children each half term so as we are always confident that their phonics learning meets their needs. Every child takes home a Read, Write Inc reading book each week to show off their wonderful reading skills, that they have worked so hard on all week, at home. 

Weekly spellings are also sent home which directly link to their Read, Write Inc assessed level.

Please visit our English curriculum pages to find out more about how we teach phonics within our school.


In RE this half term (autumn 2) we will be learning about Catholic Social Teaching and Advent.

During our Catholic Social Teaching unit, we will be exploring and answering the key question: How can we share God’s love for the world?

We will link our thinking to our learning from Creation and will answer questions such as: what did God do on the 7th day? Why did God need to put someone in charge of his creation? Who do you know that is a good steward of creation?

We will focus on stewardshiprecognising that everything we have and everything we are is a gift from God and being grateful and generous with those gifts. We will share the Parable of the Sheep and Goats (Matthew 25:34-40) and children will know that God wants us to care for each other as well as for the environment and that is also part of being a steward.


In maths during autumn 2, year 1 and year 2 are working hard on these key areas: multiplication and division, fractions, place value, addition and subtraction and year 2 will also learn about statistics.

Year 1 children will work with numbers within 20, year 2 will work with numbers within 100.

All of our learning provides children with the opportunity to use concrete resources to practise new skills; we also always extend children's knowledge and thinking by applying learning within a problem context.


In science, we will begin our next unit; Everyday Materials. We will answer the key question; What are objects made from?

Children will:


  • Identify and name everyday materials and describe their properties.
  • Compare and group objects based on their properties.



In history, we will be learning about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. We are answering the key question: Why should we celebrate them?

Children will use the key history skills:

  • Chronology - sequencing, events, stories, pictures and periods over time to show how different times relate to each other and contribute to a coherent understanding of the past. 
  • Significance - a decision that modern people make about what is important from our past.
  • Cause and Consequence - a relationship in history between an event, a condition, or a decision (the cause) and the events or results that follow it (the consequences).







Important information


Change of books: all books will be changed on a Thursday. Please ensure all reading books are in school on this day.

Please keep your child's zippy wallet and reading book in their book bag.


Spellings: These words directly link to your child's RWI phonics learning/group.

Please practise to read and write these words everyday.

Spellings will be collected in on a Thursday and new lists sent home on a Friday.


Library Days:

All classes will bring a library book home on a Friday. Please return library books on a Friday so as books can be swapped.


As part of our drive to promote reading for pleasure across our school, all classes visit our local library each half term. We will continue to visit North End Library.

Library visit dates:




PE days:

Our PE days will be: 

Bumblebees: Wednesday

Ladybirds: Wednesday

Dragonflies: Tuesday and Wednesday

Hedgehogs: Tuesday and Friday

Badgers: Tuesday and Friday

Please ensure that full and correct PE kits are worn into school on these days.