Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School

“We live our lives like Jesus”

KS1 (Yrs 1+2)

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       Mrs M. Martinez             Miss E. Elsom              Mr L. Clark


              Mrs L. Cain Year 1 and 2 Phase Leader / Lead Practitioner


Mrs E Devine - HLTA

  Mr S Clements - 1-1 Support

Mrs C. Clarke - 1-1 Support

Mrs M. Boulton - 1-1 Support

Miss U. Friend - Teaching Assistant




Welcome to Year 1.2.


We love reading! We use Read, Write Inc to support our teaching of phonics and reading and our children are taught in small targeted groups each day. We assess children each half term so as we are always confident that their phonics learning meets their needs. Every child takes home a Read, Write Inc reading book each week to show off their wonderful reading skills, that they have worked so hard on all week, at home. 

We follow the Read, Write Inc 'Get Writing' scheme which directly links our phonics learning to our writing, ensuring that children apply and embed their phonics. Children have a daily phonics lesson where by we red together and link this to our writing. 


In RE this half term (autumn 2) we will be learning about Catholic Social Teaching.

During this liturgical unit, we will be exploring and answering the key question: ‘How can we share the light of the world?
We will share key scripture from; 
John 8:12 (I am the light of the world) and Matthew 5:14-16 (You are the light of the world).

Our Christian duty to use our gifts to support those in need and stand in solidarity with them is linked to the message found in the parable of the talents and Jesus calling us to be like a light for the whole world.



In maths during autumn 2, year 1 and year 2 are working hard on these key areas: measurement, shape and multiplication (yr2 only).

Year 1 will focus on measurement and shape. In measurement, children will explore length and height, using the vocabulary: longer/shorter, long/short, tall/short, double/half. Children will also learn to identify and recognise coins and their values.

During shape learning, children will identify, name and sort 2D shapes, they will also investigate and identify 2D shape patterns.

Year 2 will spend focused time learning about multiplication. Children will learn, recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 2 and 10 x tables. Learning will be extended so as children use these learnt facts to solve multiplication and division problems using arrays, repeated addition and concrete resources.


In science, we will continue our learning about animals including humans. We will answer the key question; How do we feel things? Children will identify and name the basic parts of the human body and the senses they relate to.


In history, we are answering the key question: How do you know if a house is new or old?

We will focus on these key historical concepts; chronology, historical enquiry, change and continuity. We will explore houses throughout history and identify their key features / changes. We will use this knowledge to order houses throughout time.








Important information


Change of books: all books will be changed on a Thursday. Please ensure all reading books are in school on this day.

Please keep your child's zippy wallet and reading book in their book bag.


Spellings: These words directly link to your child's RWI phonics learning/group.

Please practise to read and write these words everyday.

Spellings will be collected in on a Thursday and new lists sent home on a Friday.


Library Days:

All classes will bring a library book home on a Friday. Please return library books on a Friday so as books can be swapped.

We will continue to visit North End Library.


PE days:

Our PE days will be: Tuesday  / Thursday. Please ensure that full and correct PE kits are worn into school on these days.