Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School

“We live our lives like Jesus”

Year 1-2

 Computing systems and networks (IT around us)


This term children have been looking at what IT is!


Did you know that IT stands for Information Technology? 


Information technology can be a computer or something that works with a computer!


We have been looking at IT in and outside of school and all the benefits of IT in everyday life. We loved learning how barcodes work and we even did some role-play and set up our own little shops using our own barcode system

Creating media (Digital photography)


This term we looked at all the important jobs that need a camera!

We looked at different devices we can take photographs on and how we can save them too.


We looked at how different lighting can make a huge difference to our photos and we even edited our photos to make them more interesting! 

 Programming A (Robot Algorithms) 


This term we are looking at how instructions can be very important, especially in order!


Did you know that a sequence of instructions is called an algorithm? and when a computer follows an algorithm to complete a task its called a program!


We love using the Bee-Bots to create and follow instructions.

BBC Learning - What Is An Algorithm