Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School

“We live our lives like Jesus”


The rotten little red riding hood


Little red riding hood was a rotten girl who lived in a wooden cottage. She was skinny with black eyes and muddy brown hair. Her teeth were as nasty and yellow as the sun! Her red coat was as disgusting as a squashed tomato.


She was making a disgusting cake made from slimy mud, smelly grass and pink flowers. This was her gift for her weak granny who lived in the spiky woods.


The next day, Rotten Little Red Riding Hood left her tiny cottage under the blazing sun and headed down the rocky path. She could smell the sweet scent of shiny blueberries.


She entered the long gloomy woods and with a skip and hop she was on her way to her weak old granny. Her shoes were as loud as a horse as her shoes went clippitty clop along the dusty path.


In the dark dusty woods was a wolf. His eyes were as shiny as a diamond and his fur as sleek and shimmering as a star. His teeth were perfectly bright and tucked away in his furry mouth. His eyes were as big as the moon. He was a kind and gentle wolf and would often sleep in his favourite green bush.


As the sun was highest in the sky, Little Red Riding Hood was walking past a beautiful flowery bush eating a crunchy chocolate bar. She hurled the wrapper straight into the Wolfs favourite bush.


The wolf cried as Little red riding hood kept on skipping along through the gloomy forest. The wolf was furious and chased after her until he came upon a wooden door of a tiny cottage.


He knocked, knocked, knocked on the wooden door so he could return the dirty rubbish to Rotten Little Red Riding Hood. He banged and he banged and no answer until


“Who is it?” said Red Riding Hood

“You left stinky rubbish in my favourite bush!” Cried the wolf “Please, take it back!”

“Who cares? Go away you scruffy wolf! I can do whatever I want!” screamed Red Riding Hood!


The wolfs face went red with anger.


“I’ve got great big eyes! All the better to see you with!”

“I’ve got great huge ears! All the better to hear you with!”

“I’ve got great big gigantic hands! All the better to hold you with! So don’t make me come in there!” Shouted the wolf.


“Haha and a big mouth too by the sound of it” Laughed Red Riding Hood


“All the better to eat you with!” said the wolf.

Red Riding Hood was terrified! She ran out the door , back through the woods, past the wolfs beautiful bush and all the way home to her dark cottage.


The end.