Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School

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Geography Subject Leader: Mrs J Kelly

Geography highlights





Year 3/4 really enjoyed learning all about what makes up our planet and how natural disasters such as volcanoes and earthquakes occur. We made our own models of Earth using different coloured custards, biscuit crumbs and rice to show the different layers that make up our planet.


Geography topics in Spring Term


Year R

We will be exploring and learning about the Arctic. We will examine maps and globes to find out where the Arctic is and how far it is away from where we live. We will look at the weather and will create lists of what we need to take on our Arctic adventure. Throughout the topic we will discover the animals that live there and compare this to the UK.



Year 1/2

Where in the world is our country?


We will be exploring the UK and Portsmouth and looking for geographical similarities and differences between different areas. The children will use their observational skills to study the geography of our school, it's grounds and the surrounding area.



Year 3/4

Brilliant biomes


Using a variety of maps the children will explore the world and the countries within it. They will then focus on Europe, Russia, North and South America. They will then investigate and explore these areas further and focus on their physical characteristics.



Year 5/6

Climate champions - How can we be responsible for our world?

The children will become climate champions and explore how they will save and maintain our world. They will argue how and why we need to have climate champions and why our world needs saving.