Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School

“We live our lives like Jesus”

Year 3-4

Autumn 1 - Computing systems and networks (Connecting Computers) 


This term in Year 3.4 we have explored how computers are all connected together. We started by understanding what an input , process and an output device looked like in everyday life. We then could explain that a computer system accepts an input and processes it to produce an output.


We then started to recognize that computers can be connected together through several components such as a switch, server and a wireless access point.


We even made a human version of a wired and wireless computer system!

Autumn 2 - Creating media  (Stop frame animiation)

This term we explored how early versions of cartoons were made!


We took inspiration from one of the early and most pivotal animators of our generation, Walt Disney.


We explored the different methods of stop frame animation, starting with a humble flip book. We explored the use of software such as iMotion and used techniques such as onion skinning.


We planned our stop frame animation and recorded these using iPads.

Spring 1 - Programming A - Sounds

This was our first programming unit of the the year and we had so much fun! We explored the full version of Scratch! We previously used Scratch Jr in KS1 and we used our prior knowledge to help create and debug alogrithms. We used Scratch to create a musical instrument using different coding blocks including sound and event blocks.


Spring 2 - Data and information - Branching database

This term we looked at how we can sort information and asked the question - Is a branching database a good way to sort data?


We investigated what are good questions to ask when trying to group objects. We found that we needed to ask questions that would only give us a yes or no response. We call these closed questions.


We spent some time looking at how we can sort objects and investigated the term "Attribute" and "properties". 


We planned and tested our own questions and eventually created our own version of a branching database.