Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School

“We live our lives like Jesus”


Our Vision for the Curriculum


Corpus Christi will be a model of educational excellence.  The school will achieve this through the delivery of a rich curriculum which inspires, motivates and challenges all of our children.  Children will leave Corpus Christi confident in their abilities, polite, articulate and ambitious for their future growth at secondary school and beyond.

We will achieve our vision by living out our mission statement, “We live our lives like Jesus.”


The curriculum at Corpus Christi firmly underpins our vision and mission statement, from which a culture and ethos is generated that supports the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the whole school community.


Key to all learning at Corpus Christi is our belief that all children can achieve and find success; hence our rationale for learning is to provide opportunities for children to practice, consolidate and embed key knowledge and skills from across the curriculum, through recalling pre-knowledge, repetition, clear modelling and scaffolding and hands on-practical experiences, leading to the confidence to tackle new learning and key concepts that are embedded in long term memory.


Curriculum Statement