Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School

“We live our lives like Jesus”

UKS2 (Yrs 5+6)

Kingfishers       Nightingales        Merlins  
    Miss J Dawson                   Mrs L Morello                Mrs C Packer   

         Mr D Byrnes           

 Mrs R. Sayin




In Autumn 2, we will be looking a the book Malamander by Thomas Taylor. The children will be writing setting descriptions and character descriptions during the first couple of weeks.

Our writing focus will be mainly on writing descriptions, using quality vocabulary and painting a picture in the readers eye. 

As they explore the book they will eventually write an information text linked to sea monsters. 





Extra information


PE Days

Tuesday- Merlins- Mrs Packer's class and Nightingales- Mrs Morello's

Wednesday- Kingfishers- Miss Dawson's class


Each week the children will recieve a piece of maths homework every Thursday. They will also recieve new spellings every Friday. The children will be tested on the spellings the following Friday. They should also be reading every night. 

Year 6- Take over day. 

Over the last couple of weeks the year 6 children have been preparing to take over the school. The children had the opportunity to be class teachers, TAs, office assistants, Lead Practisioners and Headteachers. 

The teachers had to plan and prepare the lessons for the class they were teaching. 
The children really impressed us with their enthusiam and determination when taking on their new job roles. 



Year 5
Stubbington 6th- 8th September 2021

What a fantastic three days we had in Stubbington. The weather was amazing and all children had a fabulous time away. 
All children got to enjoy lots of different activities such as Stubbington Fox, Map reading, Earthquake, Amazon Adventures, pond dipping  and small mammel hotels. 
During the time away the children also got the visit the hide at nighttime to see some of the animals in the conservation area come out and eat the children's leftovers from meal time. The children got to see badgers and foxes. 
Please see the photos below of the children taking part in a range of these activites.