Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School

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School Attendance Matters


We believe that for children to make good progress and maintain friendships, good attendance is vital. Research proves that if a child's attendance drops to 90% or less, there can be a significant impact on achievement, with children finding school more challenging, both in terms of their learning and also their friendships, confidence and social skills. At Corpus Christi, School Attendance Matters and we are passionate at supporting parents/carers in maintaining high levels of attendance so that each child has the best possible educational experience.


Our aim is that every child's attendance will be above 97%.


From September 2021


What time does the school day start?

Beginning of the day

All children should enter the school at the front gate between 8.35-8.45am.

If children arrive later than these times, they will need to enter through the main school entrance and into the school office. They will need to  be signed in by the parent/carer and coded as' late before register closure' or 'late after the register has closed' and therefore absent for that session.


After 9am

If any child/ren arrive between 8.50 and 9.05 am they are regarded as late and parents/carers should bring them to the Main Office and sign them in.

If they arrive after 9.05am, they are coded as absent for that session in the class register.



What happens if my child cannot attend school?

Absence if unwell

If your child/ren is unwell, parents/carers should report this via the StudyBugs app or phone the Main Office (02392 661818) before 9.30am explaining why their child/ren is unable to attend school and when they are likely to return to the school on the first and subsequent days.

Miss Jack, Attendance Officer, will monitor absence and contact parents to discuss absence from school.

If the school has not heard from a family by 10.00am, they will phone the first contact listed on the contact information sheet, followed by all other contacts.

Where the school has been unable to make contact with a family and does not have a clear reason to explain a child's absence, they will make a home visit and may contact LA Child Missing in Education Service and/or Children's Services.

Parents will be asked for medical evidence if an illness absence occurs either side of a school holiday.


Absence for medical or dental appointments

Standard medical or dental appointments should be made outside of school hours. If a child is absent for a medical appointment it is still regarded as an absence from school and parents will need to provide an appointment card. Where there is no alternative for an appointment outside of the school day, children should only miss a short period of time and return to school as promptly as possible.


What happens if I need to ask for time away from school for my child?

Parents/carers are expected to take their children on holiday during the school holidays to minimise the impact of missing education.


Leave of Absence Requests

If there are exceptional circumstances as to why a child/ren should be taken out of school, parents/carers must complete a leave of absence request form in advance of the trip

Requests for leave of absence during term time will rarely be authorised and only in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the head teacher. Although each request will be considered on a case-by-case basis  a child/ren 's overall attendance will be taken into account.

When requests are declined this is regarded as an unauthorised absence and if it is taken, each parents is liable to a fixed penalty notice which may result in a £60 fine per parent.


How do we reward good attendance?


Weekly Award

Individual classes awarded with extra playtime who have achieved the highest attendance for the previous week. This is presented at the end of the Celebration Assembly.


Individual Recognition

Where a child's attendance has significantly improved, the head teacher will write to parents and the child recognising this improvement. Children with exceptional attendance and those where is has improved will be invited for hot chocolate with the head teacher and Family Support Worker.


End of Year
At the end of each academic year, children with excellent or significantly improved attendance will be awarded a special badge with the family being entered into a family prize raffle.




Leave of Absence Form