Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School

“We live our lives like Jesus”

Catholic Life of the School

Corpus Christi is a Catholic school in which each individual grows in the knowledge and love of being a part of the family of Christ. Children and families benefit from the Catholic Life of the school in many ways. We see our school as family and like all families we share in the joys and sadness and are there to celebrate with and support families and each other through both.
At the heart of our school lies our mission statement; 

                                                “We live our lives like Jesus.”

In everything that we do, we remember that we are each called by name to lead a life as brothers and sisters in Christ, guided by the Holy Spirit, in the service of God.
As an integral part of our Catholic ethos, all pupils are made aware, throughout the school year, of the changes and celebrations relating to the Church's Liturgical Year. These events are highlighted in our prayer space in our classrooms and around School.  The children are aware of the liturgical changes with the changing colours of our cloths and displays.
At key times of the Liturgical Year, as well as the beginning of a new term, we gather in School as a community, along with parents and family, staff and parishioners to worship together in a Mass. All in the school, parish and beyond are welcome to attend regardless of faith. Recognising the importance of involving children in the celebration of Mass, our children lead the serving, technical systems, singing and readings for the Mass.
Prayer is central to the life of the school and the school day is punctuated with prayer. Through opportunities of meaningful worship, children are supported in strengthening their own and others’ faith and are able to explore their faith further. Through whole school and class worship, our children are given time to reflect and pray. 

During Advent and Lent, our children are given opportunities to take part in penitential liturgies These moments of reflection also provide a time for our children to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation with our local Parish Priest. These opportunities enable our children to strengthen their relationship with Jesus through a time of both personal and guided prayer and reflection.
We are privileged that our school has strong links with the parish and are able to work closely with and be supported in the development of the faith by our parish priest, Fr Rinda Emmanuel. He is a regular visitor in school and welcomes the children into the Church to celebrate liturgies and Masses.
The children at Corpus Christi receive a high quality of R.E education, are engaged and take pride in their work and achieve high standards. Through their R.E. learning, the children are able to make links between their own lives and those of others in their community and in the wider world. R.E is the centre of the life of the school and it has a strong impact on the children’s values, interaction with community and the world around them.
Through fundraising events for local and international charities and links with homeless shelters and care homes within our community, the children at Corpus Christi are encouraged to put the themes of Catholic Social Teaching into action in their own lives. These fundraising events are often planned and organised by our Year 5/ 6 Corpus Christi University group, who set an example of how to apply what they have learned in R.E lessons to their life around school.

Christmas Giving

During Advent, Corpus Christi University Stars organised a collection of Christmas gifts for the elderly residents of Meadow House and Bluewater Care Homes. Some of the children delivered the gifts and spread God's message of joy to the residents.

Lavender Bags

Corpus Christi University Stars made lavender bags using lavender from the school grounds and raised money for the food bank. They also organised the Harvest Collection and donated 72kg food to the Food Bank.