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LKS2 (Yrs 3+4)


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Year 3.4 Curriculum 2023-2024

Welcome to Year 3/4

We love reading! We use Read, Write Inc to support our teaching of phonics and reading. We assess children each half term so as we are always confident that their phonics learning meets their needs.

We teach reading everyday following Read, Write Inc's Language and Literacy programme. We focus heavily on vocabulary and discussion when sharing extracts and texts. Our aim is to develop reading comprehension, reading fluency and reading speed.

Each week children receive weekly spellings linked to year group spelling lists and spelling rules - weekly spelling reinforce knowledge learnt in lessons.

Handwriting is key to writing fluency and legibility. We follow Kinetic Letters - in year 3.4 the focus is on developing joined handwriting using correct strokes, letter formation and joins.



In English this half term, we will be reading Tin Forest by Helen Ward. We will be writing non-chronological reports developing our key grammar, punctuation and sentence skills.



In autumn 1, children will be learning about place value, addition and subtraction.

Children in year 3 will learn:

count from 0 in multiples of 4; find 10 or 100 more or less than a given number

recognise the place value of each digit in a three-digit number (hundreds, tens, ones)
identify, represent and estimate numbers using different representations

add and subtract numbers mentally, including: a three-digit number and ones, three-digit number and hundreds

add and subtract numbers mentally, including a three-digit number and tens

estimate the answer to a calculation and use inverse operations to check answers

Children in year 4 will learn:

  • Count in multiples of 25 and 1000
  • find 1000 more or less than a given number
  • recognise the place value of each digit in a four-digit number (thousands, hundreds, tens, and ones)
  • identify, represent and estimate numbers using different representations
  • round any number to the nearest 10, 100
  • estimate and use inverse operations to check answers to a calculation
  • add and subtract numbers with up to 4 digits



In history this half term we will be learning Ancient Egyptians. Our key unit enquiry question is: What were some significant achievements of the Ancient Egyptians and what did it help them achieve?

The key history concepts that we will be developing are: chronology, characteristic features and interpretation.



In science this half term we will be learning about: Animals including humans and our key unit question is: What nutrition do animals need to support their bodies?

Children will:

  • Identify that animals need the right types and amount of nutrition, and that they cannot make their own food; they get nutrition from what they eat.
  • Identify that humans and some other animals have skeletons and muscles for support, protection and movement



There are 3 weekly tasks for children to complete. These are:

* To read daily;

* To learn and practise the weekly spelling list;

* To learn and practise timestable facts (using Times Table Rock Stars). 


Times Table Rock Stars Website (Click here!)

Useful information

PE days - Monday and Thursday


On both Mondays and Thursdays children should come to school wearing their PE kits. 


As part of our drive to promote reading for pleasure amongst all of our pupils, we visit our local library each half term.

North End Library visit dates:





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YEAR 3/4 HIGHLIGHTS 2022-2023


Year 3/4 had an amazing school trip in the Spring term. The children and staff, as well as some very helpful parents boarded two coaches and travelled to Butser Ancient Farm, they had a fantastic day making jewellery, carving chalk and digging artifacts from an excavation site! The trip was to help children with their learning about the Anglo-Saxons, Picts and Scots as we try to answer the question 'Were the Anglo-Saxons really smashing?'. A great day was had by all and we really appreciate the help of our parents.



Year 4's Residential Visit to Stubbington Study Centre


Our Year 4's recently enjoyed a 2-night stay at Stubbington Study Centre. They took part in many activities, such as: Earthquake, Mammal Hotels, Fire Building and the Stubbington Fox Game!


Take a look at some of our photos here:

Ancient Romans Kickstart Day!