Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School

“We live our lives like Jesus”


The Three Bears

Once upon a time there were 3 bears who made porridge for their lunch.  The porridge was very hot, so the bears decided to take a walk in the forest.  When they got home they opened the door and walked to the table. When they got to the table, Daddy bear said “Someone has eaten my porridge.”  He was angry.  Mummy bear was shocked and said, “Someone has eaten my porridge.” Baby bear was sad because someone had eaten all of his porridge and he broke into tears.

They wanted to have a rest after their long walk so they went into the living room to sit down. Daddy Bear noticed that someone had sat in his chair because his cushion was squashed.  He was furious and he said “Someone has sat on my chair.”  Mummy bear noticed that her chair had moved spots and she said, “Someone has been in my chair.”  She was very confused.  Baby bear said, “Not only has someone sat in my chair, they have also broken it!”  He began to cry again!

The bears went upstairs for a nap and Daddy bear noticed someone had been in his bed.  Mummy bear had noticed someone had been in her bed! Baby bear screamed out, “Someone has been sleeping in my bed and they are still in it!”  Goldilocks woke up and the 3 bears stared at her.  Baby bear was afraid, he had never seen a little girl before.  Goldilocks jumped out of the bed and ran down the stairs never to be seen again.  The bears always locked their door so that no little girls would ever go inside ever again.