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History Subject Leader; Ms M Martinez

History Information for Year Groups

History Topics For Spring Term

Year R

Grandparents Are Special | Original Kids Song from Treetop Family

Grandparents are special! We can listen to a song that is all about Grandparents. Enjoy and dance along!

Kids Try Their Grandparent's Childhood Favorite Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

What kinds of foods did our Grandparents eat? Lets have a look at what some Grandparents would eat when they were younger! What would you like to try?

Year 1/2


We will be learning about the history of the Great Fire of London.  We will explore the causes and consequences of the fire and what changed as a result of the fire!  We will learn about Samuel Pepys  and how his 'eyewitness' account was an important source and artefact of the time.  


The Great Fire of London

What were the causes of the Great Fire of London?

Pudding Lane

What was Pudding Lane like in 1666? Take a look to have a look at what life was like before the Great Fire of London took place!

Year 3/4

We are going to be learning about Saxons and the Scots.  We will be discovering the migration of people and how they influenced those around them. We will explore their culture, society, and their impact on Britain.


Invasion, Invasion, Invasion | Smashing Saxons | Horrible Histories


What Was Life Like? Meet an Anglo-Saxon Warrior

Year 5/6

We will be learning about the Ancient Greeks! Coming in Summer Term!


Ancient Greece | The legacy of Ancient Greece