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Early Years




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                  Miss E Hawthorn                    Miss J Newman


Support Staff

               Mrs M Zammit                               Mrs U Friend

               Miss H Potts                             Miss L Pinches



Welcome to Early Years

Spring 1 Half Term Topic - 'Where in the world?'

The children in Bumblebees and Caterpillars have well settled into school, forming strong friendships and have well established routines. 


This half term we are going to be going on a number of adventures to find out about different countries and cultures in our amazing world! We will use non-fiction books to help us answer questions about our learning and our imaginations are going to help take us to the Arctic, Antarctic and Africa! This will support the children's Understanding the World and spend lots of time developing their Expressive Art and Design.


Reading and Writing 

As well as following the phonics scheme Read Write Inc we will be doing lots of writing for purpose to help engage the children in their learning and promote a love of writing! The children will be writing lists, making fact files for animals, writing letters, making posters and much more!



During our 'Number crunch' the children will continue to revisit knowledge from Autumn 1 whilst challenged to know number bonds 5, including subtraction facts, know how to partition and compose numbers to 8 and know what odd and even numbers are. They will be given a range of techniques to support their learning whilst still incorporating these maths skills and knowledge in during their discovery time through adult questioning.  


In Early Years we especially love singing and dancing so please follow the links to join in with Nursery Rhymes we are singing in school...


Autumn Half Term Topic -  'Animals'

Throughout the first half term we will be spending lots of time learning through play and getting to know of school rules and routines.  We will be learning all about our new friends and will be exploring different animals through a number of exciting books. 



This half term will be learning how to hold a pencil, improving our physical development and learning to write our names. We will be beginning our phonics scheme, Read Write Inc to start learning single sounds. Throughout this half term we will also be exploring lots of new stories linked to ourselves. Below are some of the stories we will read and learn about this half term.





In Early years, we follow the Read Write Inc programme for teaching phonics. Throughout the Autumn term children will learn all of the 'Set 1' single letter sounds and some specials friends (two letters make one sound) - sh, ch, ng, qu, th, nk.


Once children have begun reading single letter sounds and blending words they will begin to take home blending books. Book change day varies between each week so all reading books must be in book bags everyday. We encourage children to practise reading a minimum of 3 times a week and daily speed sound practice. In addition to this children will recieve flash cards so that you can practice their new sounds at home, alongside letter formation rhymes to help you support your child at home.

For more information, head to Oxford Owls website



We will be  continuing to practise counting with 1:1 correspondence and begin to learn to recognise all numbers to 10.  During our Maths lessons, we use a variety of practical apparatus to support their mathematical understanding.  This includes everyday objects like buttons and pegs to Numicon, counting bears etc


Key Information


PE - Wednesday 


School library book change - Books will be changed on a Thursday and children will change their reading choice books from out of the class libraries.


RWI book change  - Children to have reading books in book bag everyday to allow for 1:1 reading with an adult in school. Books will be changed after completion of book in school.  The day will vary each week.