Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School

“We live our lives like Jesus”

Early Years




           Hedgehogs                  Rabbits 



                  Mrs A Miles                                Miss E. Hawthorn

                     (Phase Leader)

               Mrs M. Zammitt                               Mrs U. Friend

                  Mrs H. Potts                           Mrs T. Timmons


Welcome to Early Years


Summer 1 Half Term Topic -  'What's in the egg?'

We will begin the unit by celebrating Easter and the ressurection story.  We will be thinking about symbols of new life and how these link to the Easter story. We will also explore lifecycles of different living things including chicks, caterpillars and frogs. We will be linking our learning how eggs, chicks and chickens and will explore life on the farm towards the end of the half term. 



We will be exploring different stories linked the farm and  'What's in the egg?'.  Below are some of the stories we will read and learn about this half term.




In Early years, we follow the Read Write Inc programme for teaching phonics. Throughout the Autumn term children will have learnt all of the 'Set 1' single letter sounds and some specials friends (two letters make one sound) - sh, ch, ng, qu, th, nk.


Many of the children will have consolidated theire set 1 sounds and now be learning Set 2.  Set 2 included vowel digraphs (special friends) - ay, ee, igh, ow, ou, or, ar, ir, air, ear, oo 


All children are now grouped according to their reading ability and will receive new reading materials to practise at home with will either be blending books, Ditty sheets or Story reading books. Book change day varies between each groups so all reading books must be in book bags everyday. We encourage children to practise reading a minimum of 3 times a week and daily speed sound practice. 


For more information, head to Oxford Owls website



We will be  continuing to practise counting with 1:1 correspondence and begin to learn to recognise all numbers to 20.  Children have also learnt how to add by combining two sets of objects and subtract by taking away from a set of objects. We will be introducing counting on and counting back for addition and subtraction this term. During our Maths lessons, we use a variety of practical apparatus to support their mathematical understanding.  This includes everyday objects like buttons and pegs to Numicon, counting bears etc


Cafod - Walk for Water

The children had so much fun today raising money for CAFOD on 24th March. They were so motivated to put their faith in action and help the people in Ethiopia. The Early Years children raised over £260 for the 'walk for water' campaign so thank you so much for your generosity.

The children made posters and flags to help spread he message to help others. They have lived out our school Mission statement - of 'live your lives like Jesus.' One child said, “This has been such a fun way to give kindness to others even though we haven't met them." 

Home Learning

At the end of Spring 1 half term, we learnt about the Chinese New Year celebrations.  The children really enjoyed the Expressive Arts challenges of making Dragons and Paper Lanterns.

Key Information


PE - Friday Full PE kits to be wore into school


Library Day - Tuesday Children will visit the school library and have a chance to exchange books


RWI book change  - Children to have reading books in book bag everyday to allow for 1:1 reading with an adult in school. Books will be changed after completion of book in school.  The day will vary each week.