Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School

“We live our lives like Jesus”


Dear Diary, 
Today has been the strangest day we were ever. 
My morning started when I went with Mummy Bear and Baby Bear into the forest while waiting for our porridge to cool down. When we came back, we were in shock to find that our delicious porridge had been eaten! We couldn't believe our eyes and I was convinced myself that I was imagining it.  However, when we went to sit in our chairs we noticed an even bigger surprise! Baby bear's chair had been completely broken. Well, I was absolutely fuming. I knew I couldn't have been imagining things any more. I wondered who could have possibly done such a horrendous thing? Clearly someone had been in our house so I decided to check out the rooms upstairs.  Stealthily, I led Mummy and Baby bear (hiding behind my back) up the stairs to see who this awful person could be. As soon as I opened the bedroom door, I SAW A HUMAN CHILD in baby bear's bed! In my most ferocious voice I yelled at her to GET OUT! Of course, she was completely shocked and it was hilarious to see her run away screaming as fast as she could. That'll teach her a lesson to not break into people's homes and steal their stuff. Mummy Bear and I have agreed that next time we need to make sure we lock the doors. 
What a day!