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Science Subject Leader; Miss J. Dawson
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Spring 1 2022


Early Years are studying Frozen Worlds and Animals

They will look at how freezing and melting of ice and discover animals that are suited to living in cold environments.


Year 1/2 are studying Seasonal Changes

They will describe the weather associated with each season and observe how plants change over each of these seasons.


Year 3/4 are studying Sound

They will learn about how sounds are made by vibrations. They will investigate how pitch changes and discover what happens to sounds over distance.


Year 5/6 are studying Evolution and Inheritance

They will learn about evolution and how fossils can provide evidence for this. They will also identify how animals are adpated to their environment and discuss how this occurs over time. When looking at humans, they will learn how we inherit characteristics from our parents. 


Spring 2 2022


Early Years will be studying Plants and Healthy Eating

They will be investigating which plants we can eat and discussing how we can eat healthily. 


Year 1/2 will be studying Plants

They will learn to identify and name a variety of common plants and identify their basic structure.


Year 3/4 will be studying Electricity

They will learn about common appliances that run on electricity. They will also have the opportunity to create circuits and investigate which materials are electrical conductors or insulators. 


Year 5/6 will be studying Animals Including Humans

They will learn the how humans develop from birth to old age. 


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