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Science Subject Leader; Miss J. Dawson
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Autumn 1 2021


Early Years are studying Seasonal Changes and Senses

They will look at how their garden changes throughout the year. They will also discover how their sense can help them understand the world.


Year 1/2 are studying Seasonal Changes

They will learn about the four seasons and be able to describe the weather associated with each season.


Year 3/4 are studying Animals including Humans

They will learn about the right nutrition for humans. They will also learn that animals have skeletons and muscles for support, protection and movement.


Year 5/6 are studying Light

They will learn how light appears to travel in straight lines and how reflection allows us to see objects. They will also investigate shadows and why they are the same shape as the object that cast them.


Autumn 2 2021


Early Years will be studying Materials

They will play with different materials and see which materials are best for building.


Year 1/2 will be studying Everyday Materials

They will learn to identify and name everyday materials that we see and use and be able to describe their properties.


Year 3/4 will be studying Animals including Humans

They will learn about the digestive system and in humans and the function of our teeth. They will also learn about food chains.


Year 5/6 will be studying Electricity

They will learn the symbols used when drawing a simple circuit. They will also investigate how the voltage of cells in a circuit impacts the brightness of a bulb or volume of a buzzer.


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