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Science Subject Leader; Miss J. Dawson

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Summer  2023


Early Years are studying Lifecycles

They will answer the questions, 'What animals come from an egg?' and 'What is the life cycle of a human?'

They will also continue to look at the seasons - this is a topic that will continue throughout the year.


Year 1/2 are studying Living things and their habitats

Key Question: How do animals get their food?

Children will learn about a variety of animals and plants and the habitats that they live in. They will also describe how animals get their food from plants, and other animals before using a simple food chain to show this.


Year 3/4 are studying Plants

Key Question: What do plants need to grow?

They will describe the function of the flowering parts of a plant and explore the requirements of plants for life. Children will also investigate how water is transported in plants.


Year 5/6 are studying Earth and Space

Key Question: What is in our Solar System?

They will learn about the movements of the planets and moon within our solar system, relative to the Sun. Children will also learn that the Sun, Earth and moon are approximately spherical bodies. They will also learn about how day and night occurs due to the rotation of the Earth.









Science Photos

Science Trips/Events


Year 5 had a STEM week focussed on farming. The aim of the week was to design a farm shop, producing healthy local food for schools. They learnt all about plant life cycles, asexual and sexual plant reproduction and when seeds should be planted and harvested. They watched cress seeds grow, planted onion seeds and grew spring onions from cuttings. They recorded this in tables and line graphs. Children then used fresh vegetables to cook frittatas and learnt safe hygiene and cooking skills as part of the process. Each group created their own packaging, adverts and website.


UTC Forces Workshop