Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School

“We live our lives like Jesus”

Year 5-6

Computing systems and networks (Communication and collaboration)


We have been looking at how data is transferred over the internet. We investigated data packets, IP addresses, and the protocols that computers have for communicating with one another and we even used a DNS!


A DNS stands for Domain Name Server. This means we can translate web addresses into IP addresses. 


We looked deeply into communication over the internet including privacy and information security and how we can use this knowledge to communicate safely and responsibly. 

 Creating Media (Web Page creation)


Yes! We created our own web pages!


We looked into creating websites this term for a chosen purpose. We could identify what makes a good web page and and we used this information to design and evaluate our own website using Google Sites. 


Throughout this term, we looked into copyright and fair use of media, the aesthetics of he site and navigation paths!


Did you know that HTML means: Hypertext Markup Language.


This helps us create our website with text.

Programming A (Variables in games)


This term we are exploring the concept of variables in programming through games in Scratch.


We are learning about what variables are and relating them to real-world examples of values and how they can be set and changed.


We will create a simulation of a scoreboard.


We will follow the Use-Modify and Create model to experiment with variables of existing projects and modify them before we create our own project.