Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School

“We live our lives like Jesus”


A trip to the woods

A girl called Goldilocks walked into the wood

There between the trees, a cottage stood

She opens the door and lets out a gasp

‘Oh thank goodness, food at last!’

She sees three bowls upon the table

Daddy, mummy, baby on the labels

She tries them all, not all are good

But the baby’s food, she ate more than she should


Feeling full, her tummy’s round

She really needs to go sit down

She looks around and spots some chairs

Baby’s one was the best of the bears

The chair breaks and she fell to the ground

Tiptoe, tiptoe what has she found?

Three lovely beds she snuggles in tight

She thinks she’s staying for the night.


The bears came home later on

And they saw the porridge gone

Then they spotted a pile of wood

Things in this house were not so good

They ran up the stairs and peered in the room

Suddenly, they were filled with gloom

A little blonde girl lay in a bed

Then the baby bear shrieked and said

“There’s a girl in my bed, what shall we do”

Goldilocks jumped like a kangaroo!

They chased and chased that little girl away

She never came back to the cottage to stay.